Ndex Access


As mentioned in our communication letter from September 9, 2023 we are launching a new electronic document facility that will provide you with secure electronic access to your current and future quarterly investment statements.

You should have received an email notification to activate your access to the new electronic document facility. The login instructions were sent to the email address(es) we have on record.

Additional information:

  • Please note that online access to Ndex will be discontinued after November 30, 2023.
  • Online access to investments will continue to be offered through your custodian, one of Aviso (also known as Credential) or NBIN: please email us if you need to get started.
  • Instructions to sign up and access the new electronic document facility can be viewed here https://bcvassetmanagement.com/viewmyportfolio
  • Commencing in October 2023, your Q3 2023 statement will be made available to you electronically.
  • Historical quarterly investment statements back to Q3 2022 will be made available upon launch.
  • Quarterly paper statements will no longer be mailed after the Q3 2023 investment statements.
    • You have the ability to opt out of electronic delivery of your statements at any point, and revert to paper statements, by notifying us in writing via email (admin@antaresinvestment.ca) or letter mail.
  • Annual tax packages, and other documents and communications, will continue to be mailed out in paper form until such time that we incorporate them into the document facility.

Should you have any questions, please contact our client service team at admin@antaresinvestment.ca or by phone at



Cassandra Zielke, Manager – Administration