We are mindful that clients are entrusting us with their life savings. As fiduciaries, it is our duty to understand your personal objectives so that we place your capital in appropriate investments.

As investors in publicly traded equities, we look to own a select number of companies from around the world and hold them for the long term. There are three broad characteristics in these companies that we look for in all of the equity strategies that we manage.


Moderate use of debt

Financially savvy companies use debt prudently to expand. Low debt helps them avoid trouble when recessions hit. In tough times, they often gain market share from indebted competitors.


Consistent profitability

We typically analyze ten years of financial results for evidence of a company’s profit-generating ability. A company needs profits to pay dividends.


Fair price

The price we pay for a company’s shares should be rational, balancing the quality of the business with a price that allows for long-term upside. A company’s dividend yield informs our decision on how much we are willing to pay.