Investment Pool

We offer an investment pool within a custodial account to clients who currently do not require an individually constructed portfolio, or do not qualify for our SMA offering due to size of their investable assets. Our Investment Pool offers many benefits to your clients:

  • Your clients have a personal relationship with a portfolio manager who manages the pool
  • Your clients have access to our proprietary investment philosophy and process, where we manage the portfolio to achieve both high returns and low risk
  • Hedged exposure to foreign investments to protect against adverse currency exchange rates
  • Your clients may pay lower fees than those charged by most mutual funds1, allowing for higher long term wealth creation
  • Low turnover of investments, resulting in lower potential tax liabilities

Investment pool clients may transfer their assets into our SMA service if an SMA better suits their situation in the future. All assets are held in your clients’ name by a third party custodian, with Antares acting as the discretionary portfolio manager through a trading authorization granted by the clients.

1. “Mutual Funds Fees Around the World” by Khorana, Servaes and Tufano 2008