In recognition that there is a place for real estate within the portfolios of some Antares clients, we are adding the Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partnership managed by Timbercreek Asset Management as a possible portfolio holding for qualified clients.

About Timbercreek Asset Management

  • Specialized alternative asset manager focused on global real estate and related assets
  • Third largest landlord in Canada
  • Value-oriented investment philosophy combined with an active management style
  • 600+ employees with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Dublin, Hamburg, Hong Kong.
  • Over $9 billion assets under management
  • Management fee 1.5% plus a performance fee of 20% of total return in excess of 8% hurdle rate (subject to high-water mark)

Why We Selected Timbercreek’s Four Quadrant Global Real Estate Partnership

  • The firm has a 20-year history and a good track record (click here for more information)
  • Diversified portfolio of real assets, debt, and publicly-traded securities









Source: Timbercreek

  • Unitized product that offers liquidity thanks to the underlying asset mix:
    • No lock-up periods
    • Quarterly liquidity for sellers; monthly window for buyers
  • No major commitment required from clients: no minimum investment
  • Eligible for registered accounts

How to buy:

  • Referring agents will identify clients who may qualify; suitability will be ultimately determined by a Portfolio Manager. Please reach out to Ricardo Melo or Alec MacIsaac early in the process.
  • Note: liquidity is not guaranteed and clients must be prepared to hold this investment for ten years in the event of a severe liquidity crunch.
  • Clients will sign a consent agreement and be in contact with a Portfolio Manager prior to purchase.
  • A Portfolio Manager will allocate up to 10% of a client’s Antares portfolio into the Partnership.
  • Clients who wish to hold more than the suggested 10% limit can do so, subject to confirmation of their ability to financially withstand extended illiquidity plus final approval by a Portfolio Manager.